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Camelot Unchained Gets Release Date

by Warner Williamson February 29, 2024
As a spiritual successor to the old Dark Age of Camelot MMO, Camelot Unchained raised more than $2.2 million in a just-barely-successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign. However, it dropped off of the map in alpha and beta testing. Notably, in 2020, the game developer City State Entertainment irritated backers by announcing plans for a new, entirely […]

Erenshor’s Demo Gets Update and Tease Video

by Warner Williamson February 29, 2024
There are some updates to Erenshor’s demo and a new video showing other areas of the game. The announcement comes as the team teases release plans and a mock “stress test” weekend with full access to the open beta. Erenshor demo’s aim is to portray the development cycle for the full game and it has […]

Albion Online to Roll Out Next Huge Update

by Warner Williamson February 28, 2024
The advent of Crystal Raiders kicked off Albion’s new update cycle with Territory Raids, a completely rewritten Conqueror’s Challenge, and a competition for Crystal Weapons. Now it’s time for the next big update: Foundations. Thanks to Guild Seasons, Crystal Raiders has seen the Outlands become more active with a broad range of guilds. Territory Raiding […]

Game Matter to Launch Duel Revolution this March

by Warner Williamson February 26, 2024
Game Matter has spent a decade developing the free-to-play 2D creature-collecting MMORPG, which is set for launch on March 1. The game, Duel Revolution, is a Pokemon-style concept where players hunt and collect specimens with which they can battle. Ideally, they may need to fight against the environment and players. There are 50 unique EVOs […]

Last Epoch and Myth of Empire Are Breaking Records

by Warner Williamson February 25, 2024
Two MMORPGs are showing interesting performances that merit thumbs up. Both Last Epoch and Myth of Empires have returned above expectations and are establishing new records. The multiplayer games are sitting in envious positions as players are enjoying their gameplay. Last Epoch which was launched days ago, crossed the 230,000 player mark within half an […]

Final Fantassy XIV Brings Back Nocturne for Heroes

by Warner Williamson February 23, 2024
Square Enix brings back the Nocturne for Heroes collaboration event so Final Fantasy XIV players can take advantage of the four-player Regalia car mount and exclusive Final Fantasy XV outfit pieces. Notably, this is a rerun of the 2019 and 2021 events featuring three quests starting with The Man in Black quest from Kipih Jakkya […]

Homecoming Adds First Official Update

by Warner Williamson February 22, 2024
Since City of Heroes shut down in 2012, Homecoming’s Issue 27, Page 7 is the first official update for the game since it came back online. NCsoft gave the Homecoming team the license to operate City of Heroes in January of this year. After weeks of beta testing following the team’s acquisition of the license, […]

Myth of Empires Launches With New Map and Mod Tools

by Warner Williamson February 21, 2024
The multiplayer sandbox survival MMO Myth of Empires has launched on PC through Steam. Explore the world, gather resources, and craft a society and an army to match your playing style. With Myth of Empires you have everything you need to set up your empire. You start as a peasant ready to explore the world, […]

Lost Ark

Lost Ark Purges Real-Money Traders

by Warner Williamson February 20, 2024
Last week, Amazon Game Studios wrested a mighty banhammer from its arsenal and swung it hard at real-money traders in Lost Ark. Though it declined to provide specifics, the studio indicated that the “major ban wave” specifically targeted gold-trading accounts. In order to clarify misconceptions about their anti-bot and anti-RMT measures, Amazon also shared their […]

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Opens Early Access

by Warner Williamson February 19, 2024
Although Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is still under development, it has opened to its first persistent players. This access is also paid since seasons allow a limited number of players to play. In a Season format, Visionary Realms, the development studio co-founded by late EverQuest creator Brad McQuaid, will add updates in a more […]