Tarisland’s Trailer Reveals the Launch Date

by Warner Williamson May 28, 2024
In the upcoming MMORPG Tarisland, a new icon will be introduced following several beta tests. The mighty Blight Dragon will be the final boss you’ll meet when Tarisland launches in June. The new game by Tencent has got a final teaser in the video below. Notably, Tarisland is a product of Locojoy and Level Infinite […]

XDefieant Joins Games to Break 1 Million Users

by Warner Williamson May 27, 2024
According to a report on Insider Gaming, Ubisoft’s newly launched XDefiant has established a new record in becoming the fastest game to reach 1 million registered users. The post stated that “Ubisoft’s free-to-play title XDefiant achieved 1 million unique players within two and a half hours of its launch.” The feat would make XDefiant the […]

star citizen

Star Citizen’s Annual Ship Showcase Trailer

by Warner Williamson May 26, 2024
Cloud Imperium has partnered with Star Citizen’s annual ship showcase, the Invictus Launch Week, and Drake’s showcase. The show gets underway today and tomorrow. Cloud Imperium has released a video displaying the Drake Ironclad, the latest mid-size cargo ship. The Ironclad is a medium-sized “armored freighter” between the standard cargo ships and the super-high-end ones […]


Battlestate Games Comes Under Fire

by Warner Williamson May 24, 2024
Battlestate Games is under fire again after failing to fulfill promises it made to refund Escape from Tarkov players. Despite initially claiming refunds would come to players, the studio issued vouchers with restrictions. According to Kotaku, Battlestate Games has decided not to return the $50 content upgrade in the form of cash. However, players are […]

Everquest Launches New Servers with Teaser

by Warner Williamson May 23, 2024
Gaming Studio EverQuest, has released two new Time-Locked Progression servers, Teek and Tormax. Members can choose to roll new characters and begin their adventures on a traditional TLP server. Optionally, they can introduce randomness into their experience in Norrath. Tormax uses a more traditional ruleset. Notably, Teek has a few changes to the rule set. […]


Launch Trailer – One More Gate Debuts on Switch

by Warner Williamson May 22, 2024
After launching on Steam last year, One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend Complete Edition, has now been released on the Switch eShop. The game is described as a roguelite deck-builder based on the Wakfu franchise. Developed by Ankama (Wakfu MMORPG), this turn-based deck builder offers a new take on Eliotropes. The portal creators game offers […]

Amazon games

Amazon Games Opens First Studio in Europe

by Warner Williamson May 21, 2024
Amazon Games announced that it has opened its first European development studio in Bucharest, Romania. The studio will now have studios in Orange County, California, Montreal, San Diego, and Seattle, as well as the Romanian facility. Amazon Games’ new gaming studio will support Amazon’s library of titles, including New World and Lost Ark. The local […]

Nightingale’s Offline Mode is Coming This Week

by Warner Williamson May 20, 2024
Inflexion CEO Aaryn Flynn’s short video tease emphasizes the powerful impact the community has had on the game so far. After announcing offline mode and gameplay improvements, Nightingale’s developer update confirmed that 0.3 is coming this week. The team says offline mode was something they had planned long ago. So after several months of work, […]