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The Witcher 3

Watch The Witcher Prologue Remastered In Wild Hunt!

by Todd Blackon November 14, 2017
What mods are Witcher fans up too? How are they using them to better the game? As time goes on for video games, and technology gets better, you have to wonder at times what a previous game would look like on an advanced system. Well for Witcher fans, they decided to do it themselves. For […]

You Can Be Bosses In Witcher 3 With One Shot!

by Todd Blackon May 17, 2016
When you think of boss fights, you usually think of hard tests of skill that push you to your limits and abilities. But during an interview with IGN, CD Projekt Red animator Jamie Bury revealed that you can kill certain bosses with only a single shot. If you pay attention of course. “Yeah, we have […]

Play As Triss, Yennefer, or Ciri in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Via Mod

by Todd Blackon December 29, 2015
In a new mod in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, players can now play the game as one of the prominent female characters of the title. In this case, Triss, Yennefer, or Ciri. It should be noted however that this isn’t a complete makeover, rather, it’s a superficial one. By that, the modder made it so […]