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World of Warcraft

Fracture in Time Patch Shows Blizzard Customer Value

by Warner Williamson June 28, 2023
World of Warcraft is one of the gaming community’s top action games and it is always a standard rule of business to prioritize client satisfaction.  Yet, the web has not seen enough proof that Blizzard puts them anywhere near the top. Maybe that is changing.   A Caring Blizzard Blizzard uses the World of Warcraft’s […]
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Overwatch Has Revealed It Last Hero In Current Game

by Todd Blackon March 22, 2020
Is the next hero the last for Overwatch? If so, why? One of the things that has made Overwatch so much fun over the years is that Blizzard continues to bring in new characters to enhance the game and its world. And now, we’ve gotten our newest hero introduction in Echo, a character that was […]

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Cross-Play Could Come To Overwatch

by Todd Blackon October 5, 2019
Any new features coming to Overwatch? How about Cross-Play? Overwatch has been making a lot of waves recently. Including introducing the 31st hero, and being announced for Switch, the team saying they’d love to have one of their characters in Overwatch, and more. And during an interview, they hinted that they would be up for […]
Diablo III - The Eternal Collection

Blizzard “Super-Happy” With Diablo III Sales On Switch

by Todd Blackon May 16, 2019
How Did Diablo III do on Nintendo Switch? Is Blizzard pleased with the results? Ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and the outpouring of support from 3rd party developers, gamers were hoping that Blizzard would join that list. Sure enough, they brought Diablo III to the Switch with some special Nintendo-themed content. And […]


The Dalaran Heist Comes To Hearthstone

by Todd Blackon May 16, 2019
What’s coming up for Hearthstone? Anything exciting? The Defenders of Dalaran have put out an APB on all Hearthstone players. With last month’s release of Rise of Shadows, the newest expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s smash-hit free-to-play digital card game Hearthstone, millions of players joined ranks with the dastardly Arch-Villain Rafaam—the only mustache-twirling criminal mastermind without a face—and his colorful […]
Diablo III - Diablo 3

Diablo III Season 16 Is Now Live

by Todd Blackon January 19, 2019
What’s the latest with Diablo III? Is the next season out yet? While the future of the Diablo franchise is up in the air long-term, the present is still accounted for, as Season 16 of Diablo III’s content has arrived. And Blizzard is happy to tell gamers all about it: “Season 16 brings a brand-new […]


Overwatch’s Soldier 76 Is Gay

by Todd Blackon January 7, 2019
Is there anymore LGBTQ representation in Overwatch? Who is there besides Tracer? Overwatch is a game that prides itself on the diversity of the nearly 30 heroes under its banner (so far). Men, women, white, black, gay, and straight, they literally encompass all the colors and shades of the rainbow. And now, Blizzard has revealed […]

Next Overwatch Update Will Require Full Reinstall

by Todd Blackon November 9, 2018
Any new updates coming for Overwatch? What are they? Overwatch is constantly getting updates and balance patches. But, the team at Blizzard are giving players a heads up, their next major patch is going to bump up what you need to do. Check out what they said on their forums: We wanted to get ahead […]


Activision Comments On Possibility Of Cross-Play For Overwatch and Other Titles

by Todd Blackon September 28, 2018
Could Overwatch get Cross-Play? What about Destiny 2? The topic of Cross-Play has been on the minds of both gamers and developer alike in recent weeks because of Sony and their rigidity on the subject. But others have been asking other developers about Cross-Play, like Activision. For they have the power to bring Cross-Play to […]
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Overwatch Could Still Come to Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon August 17, 2018
With Diablo III now on Switch, could Overwatch be next? Is that Blizzard’s next goal? Since the launch and success of the Nintendo Switch, many have wondered what the next big 3rd party game on the system would be, and what developers would join in on its success. Blizzard has finally jumped in with the […]