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Fracture in Time Patch Shows Blizzard Customer Value

by on June 28, 2023

World of Warcraft is one of the gaming community’s top action games and it is always a standard rule of business to prioritize client satisfaction.  Yet, the web has not seen enough proof that Blizzard puts them anywhere near the top.

Maybe that is changing.


A Caring Blizzard

Blizzard uses the World of Warcraft’s test realms to provide previews to players. They can test upcoming content before they are released. A short while ago some part of that content spurred uproar from fans.

Previews of a draft quest that was set into the upcoming Fractures in Time patch, did not seem to meet users’ expectations. The general complaint was players had ‘to work too much to maintain the timeline.’

To make matters worse, they were expected to capture and torture one of their allies. Following the fan outrage the company made impressive changes.

Blizzard followed through by removing the draft quest and replacing it with a new one in which players now adopt a hero’s role. They rescue this ally and save the day.

The new update is planned for release on July 11 this year.

This is new to fans to see a concerned Blizzard, going all way out to make it happen. This is a reminiscence of similar deeds in Starcraft Brood War in 2012. Yet that was years ago.

So, maybe they are moving back to the caring developer.


About World of Warcraft

This extensive multiplayer game gives every player the ability to create their own story. They are aided by a  supporting cast made up of powerful heroes and heartless villains. Each story is based in the cosmos with unique levels of difficulty.

Players may choose to be

  • A living dead rogue called Ganklordx,
  • or a noble knight elf role-player,

Nonetheless, they will still be killing immortals, fighting enemies, and creating strategies to dominate and triumph.

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