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Obsidian’s Tyranny Didn’t Meet Sales Expectations!

by on May 18, 2017

When a big company releases a game, they often have certain sales expectations on what they’d like to do with it. But sometimes, those expectations aren’t met. Or at least, not initially. For Obsidian, the makers of numerous great RPGs, their newest title Tyranny didn’t perform to their expectations as they revealed to PCGamesN.

“Tyranny did ok,” says Paradox CEO Fred Wester.

“We’re overall ok with it, I think,” echoes Shams Jorjani, Paradox’s vice president of business development. “Everyone was hoping that it would do better.”

“The game’s really solid, it still has a lot of interest,” Wester expands. “A lot of people are still on the fence to buy it. I think we will see a long tail on that game with people coming in and playing later on as well. But it didn’t really meet the expectations we set for it initially, no.”

When they tried to figure out why it didn’t do well, they noted they released during a really packed season of gaming. They also believe they might have emphasized the wrong thing when promoting it. However, they are still happy it’s done as well as it has done, and they feel it’ll sell well going forward.

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