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The Bosses Are Back In Black Desert Mobile

by on March 12, 2020

Have the World Bosses returned in Black Desert Mobile? Sure looks like it…what’ll it take to defeat them this time?

Nouver, Karanda, and Kzarka, the World Bosses, have returned to Black Desert Mobile. Rising up to the challenge of beating them won’t be easy, but if you’re brave enough and can pull it off, you’ll reap fantastic rewards. Getting rid of Nouver, Karanda, or Kzarka (or all three) will net you higher-grade Black Stones, gear, accessories and more.

In other news, Accessory Enchantment, with the potential to make your Adventurer more powerful, has been added to the game. To use the new enhancement, you’ll need to collect the ingredients it requires, which means feeding the Black Spirit a certain grade of accessories to obtain silver and Magical Essence. If you’re feeling lazy, it’s possible to do half the work — Magical Essence is now for sale over the counter at the Pearl Shop. Now you just need silver.

Finally, Dark Knight is coming to Black Desert Mobile, and we don’t mean Batman (if you want Batman to appear in a popular online game, your odds are better in Fortnite). Dark Knight happens to be a requested class from the PC version of the game that, until now, hasn’t been offered in the mobile version. You can get to experience a sneak peek of the Dark Knight class by participating in the pre-registration event, which will be open until March 24.

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