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Star Citizen Offers “Free Fly” Week! Find Out How To Join Here!

by Todd Blackon January 31, 2016
The massive, and massively supported, Star Citizen is offering yet another “Free-Fly Week”. Allowing anyone to access their 2.1.2 Alpha and play the game. The event itself started on Friday, and will continue until this upcoming Friday, thus there is plenty of time to jump on board if you’re interested. To enlist in the free […]

10 Most Exciting MMO Releases Due In 2016

by Nathan Gibsonon January 21, 2016
The huge success of World of Warcraft and others has led to an explosion in the number of MMOs that release every single year. Companies are prepared to bet big on creating brand new gaming franchises that they hope will attract the attention of millions of players, with recent additions such as The Elder Scrolls […]

Star Citizen To Focus on VR Support in 2016

by Todd Blackon January 3, 2016
VR Support for video games is slowly coming, numerous publishers for both consoles and PC games are lining up to try and have the next advancement of gaming in their titles. For the crowdfunded, and mega popular, Star Citizen, the idea of VR Support has long been on their minds, and a part of their […]

Star Citizen Passes $100 Million Dollars Raised, Launches Alpha 2.0

by Todd Blackon December 13, 2015
Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded game in history. Now, the game has reached another incredible milestone, as it has reached over $100 million dollars raised through its backers. To reward the backers who helped them get this far, the team behind Star Citizen has opened “Alpha 2.0” to all who contributed. Full details […]