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The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3, No Man’s Sky, and Dark Souls 3 Top Best-Selling PC Games List of 2016! Find Out More Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison January 3, 2017
Valve’s Steam website has compiled a list of some of the top best-selling games on Windows PC on Steam for 2016. One of the most controversial games of the year in No Man’s Sky still became one of the top sellers of last year, despite all the controversy and negative surrounding the game’s after its launch. […]

No Man’s Sky Had “No PR”?

by Todd Blackon September 16, 2016
No Man’s Sky was pitched and promoted as one of, if not the, biggest game of all time. As the game itself fills a massive universe that would take lifetimes to explore. However, upon getting the game, gamers found that the game they were playing wasn’t exactly the game they were promised. There were a […]

No Man’s Sky PC Usage Has Dropped 80%!

by Todd Blackon August 25, 2016
It is one thing to get a game sold, it’s another thing to keep people playing the game, and then have play consistently. For games such as No Man’s Sky, this is important. So it may come as a surprise to many when they hear that the user base for the PC version of No […]

No Man’s Sky PS4 Patch Coming This Week

by Todd Blackon August 24, 2016
With a game as massive as No Man’s Sky, it’s very believable that there would be plenty of bugs in it, both before and after launch. The team at Hello Games have been working non-stop to ensure that the game gets fixed on all levels so players can enjoy their title. The team even went […]

NMS How to Fix Frame Rate Stuttering on PC

by TeXon August 14, 2016
No Man’s Sky released last Friday on PCs everywhere t with over 30,000 Steam reviews leading to an overall “Mixed” rating on the game. Many of these reviews state issues with performance, with players experiencing low framerates, choppy gameplay, and stuttering as they tried to enjoy the gigantic world that Hello Games has created. Over […]

No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Conspiracy

by TeXon August 11, 2016
A few days ago, before the launch of the game No Man’s Sky for the PS4, lead developer Sean Murray made a statement saying that the chances of two players running into each other was “almost zero”, leading many to believe that although probably very unlikely, it was still possible to run into someone else […]

No Man’s Sky last minute updates list

by TeXon August 8, 2016
  No Man’s Sky, PC, PS4, Publisher: Hello Games

No Man’s Sky First Update Nearly Finished! Find Out What Developer Sean Murray Said!

by Jeffrey Harrison August 4, 2016
It looks like Hello Games is already nearly done with the first major update for the highly anticipated upcoming game No Man’s Sky. In a post on his Twitter account, Hello Games’ Sean Murray revealed that the company is finishing up a month of work on the game’s first update. You can check out his […]

A Fan Paid How Much for a Leaked Copy of No Man’s Sky?! Find Out Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison July 29, 2016
Per a report from Gamespot, a Reddit user, Daymeeuhn, has apparently gotten ahold of a leaked copy of the highly anticipated game release, No Man’s Sky. Daymeeuhn reportedly purchased a leaked copy of the game for the price of $1,250 on eBay. The eBay listing has since been removed. Later on, the user started posting […]