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Pearl Abyss Thanks Players for Support

by on July 10, 2023

Not every game developer pays tribute to its players in such a magnificent rollout.

Black Desert Online’s latest expansion, the Land of the Morning Light, was released last month and has been applauded by players. Pearl Abyss took to social media and its website to thank fans, as well as promising that feedback is being incorporated to make the expansion much better.

The reception from the gaming community to a region overhaul has been stellar, if not surprising. Pearl Abyss redesigned the game’s region, dropping its normal monster zones and replacing them with a new story-focused region, complete with eight epic boss battles.

The reception made executive producer, Jaehee Kim, write a letter thanking fans on behalf of the team. Kim recognized that there was a lot of doubt about the redesign, but was grateful for the response and welcomed the positive criticism.

Kim further assured players that the company would take each recommendation even though they could not all be implemented at once. In addition, the executive highlighted planned expansions for the game which would include recommendations from players.

The company, Pearl Abyss, will also be thanking players in a notable manner with in-game gifts. As a thank you for the reception to The Land of the Morning Light, Kim also mentions that players can expect to see a present in-game after the next maintenance downtime.

Both new and returning players can access the game,  The Land of the Morning Light, as a free update from the Black Desert Online console. Please note that some returning players may have to complete sections of the new story to be able to upgrade. Either way, it Is still free.

Pearl Abyss is a South Korean video game developer and publisher, recognized for creating the  MMORPG Black Desert Online and the to be announced open world action adventure Crimson Desert.

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