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Rocket League To Remove Crates

by Todd Blackon August 6, 2019
Will Rocket League remove crates? When will they do so? Loot Crates are a bit of a hot topic issue in gaming. And many developers are taking steps to ensure that their gamers won’t feel “weighed down” by them. And now, Psyonix has announced that they’re removing them entirely from their game this year: Here […]
Rocket League

Rocket League To Bring Cross-Play Party System This Year

by Todd Blackon January 22, 2018
How is Psyonix improving Cross-Play this year? How will it affect how I play Rocket League? Rocket League was one of the first games to feature Cross-Play between systems, and it’s only grown since then. But, developer Psyonix isn’t one to stay content with what they’ve done, they’re always improving things. So, in a tweet, […]

Rocket League

Rocket League Currently On Sale On The Nintendo eShop

by Todd Blackon December 20, 2017
Where’s the best place to get Rocket League? You know, for the lowest price? Rocket League is one of the most popular games of the last few years, and it doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon. What’s more, the inclusion of it on the Nintendo Switch has opened it up to not just new […]
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Rocket League Devs Talk Development For Switch!

by Todd Blackon August 21, 2017
Just how committed is Psyonix to making Rocket League for Switch? What was some of the challenges making it? Rocket League was one of the biggest surprises for Nintendo Switch during E3 2017, and ever since then, players have been wanting to know more about what it’s been like making the popular title for the […]

Rocket League

Rocket League Devs Give Update On Cross-Play Capabilities

by Todd Blackon March 29, 2017
Rocket League continues to be a game that is very popular. It set many records in 2016, and the team at Psynoix have been working hard to ensure that players are content with all that is going on with the game. Vice President Jeremy Dunham talked with IGN about this very thing. He noted that for […]
Rocket League

Rocket League Has No Plans For Sequel At Present

by Todd Blackon March 14, 2017
Rocket League has been a surprise hit since it launched in 2015. In fact, it was one of the best-selling games on PS4 last year via digital download. With sales being confirmed at 10.5 million, some fans are wondering if there will be a sequel soon. But, Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham said they have no […]

Rocket League

Rocket League Has Had Over A Billion Matches!

by Todd Blackon January 11, 2017
2016 was easily a big year for Rocket League. Not because it launched in that year, it actually launched in 2015. But, its fanbase grew to such levels that over the course of the year, it became the most downloaded game on the PlayStation Store. Beating out AAA titles from all over. Now, Rocket League […]