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Dragon Quest XI S Coming To PS4, XBox, PC

by Peter Paltridgeon November 5, 2020
First there was Dragon Quest XI….a fine game, but with a lacking soundtrack? Then there was Dragon Quest XI S…an update with additional features including a refined, fully orchestrated soundtrack…but only on Switch? It won’t remain exclusive for long, however…the S version is coming to PS4, XBox One and PC on December 4. As on […]
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E3 2018: What You Need To Know Before Playing Fortnite On Switch

by Peter Paltridgeon June 14, 2018
What’s the major issue people are discovering about Fortnite on Switch? What’s the caveat in the title about? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the game itself. It plays just like it does on other machines, both on the TV and in handheld mode. For once, a problem with a popular game on a Nintendo device […]

Pillars of Eternity Obsidian Pillars Of Eternity Complete Edition

Original Pillars of Eternity Coming To Consoles!

by Todd Blackon June 21, 2017
Video games often have a tendency to sometimes go to platforms you’d never expect them to, at times you’d never expect them to go to them. Take for example Pillars of Eternity. This now classic RPG, which has a sequel in development now, has been a hit on PC ever since launch, and its successful […]
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Sony Explains Why They Aren’t Allowing Cross-Play On Some Games

by Todd Blackon June 15, 2017
There were some major surprises in terms of cross-platform play at E3 2017. Minecraft was revealed to be getting a free “unified edition” that would allow players on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and all mobile platforms to play together. Then, Rocket League was announced for Nintendo Switch, and would also support Cross-play between Xbox […]

The Surge

The Surge Gets Launch Trailer!

by Todd Blackon May 14, 2017
The action hack-n-slash RPG The Surge is set for release on Tuesday, and to show off what the game is about, a new launch trailer has been released for it by developer Focus Home Interactive. The Surge takes place inside a mega-corporation known as CREO, You play as Warren, who is on the first day […]
Rocket League

Rocket League Devs Give Update On Cross-Play Capabilities

by Todd Blackon March 29, 2017
Rocket League continues to be a game that is very popular. It set many records in 2016, and the team at Psynoix have been working hard to ensure that players are content with all that is going on with the game. Vice President Jeremy Dunham talked with IGN about this very thing. He noted that for […]

The Surge

The Surge Releases Cinematic Trailer!

by Todd Blackon March 19, 2017
The Surge is an RPG title set within a factory that has had a mysterious event within it. You play as a man named Warren that works at the CREO facility, and after the “event” wakes up to find an exoskeleton attached to him, robots running amok, and basically everyone in the facility trying to […]
Rocket League

Rocket League Has No Plans For Sequel At Present

by Todd Blackon March 14, 2017
Rocket League has been a surprise hit since it launched in 2015. In fact, it was one of the best-selling games on PS4 last year via digital download. With sales being confirmed at 10.5 million, some fans are wondering if there will be a sequel soon. But, Psyonix Vice President Jeremy Dunham said they have no […]

NieR: Automata

NieR: Automata Has Been Delayed On PC!

by Todd Blackon February 22, 2017
NieR: Automata is one of the most anticipated games this year from Square Enix, and it was set to arrive on both PS4 and PC in the month of March, but now, a new trailer indicates that the PC release has been delayed. There were rumors about the delay coming, as Square Enix noted that […]
Warhammer Quest

Warhammer Quest Coming To Xbox One And PS4 This Months!

by Todd Blackon February 17, 2017
Fans of the Warhammer series can rejoice even more now, as the top down game Warhammer Quest has been announced to be coming to Xbox One and PS4 later this month. The game released on previous platforms before and did rather well, thus the reason for the port. Developer Chilled Games did note though that […]