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Lineage 2: Revolution

Why You Need to Check Out Lineage 2: Revolution!

by Jeffrey Harrison October 8, 2017
Do you want an awesome free MMORPG game that’s free-to-download and definitely worth your time? Did you know that Lineage 2: Revolution from Netmarble is finally here?! Lineage 2 is a free-to-download MMORPG that’s been around going back October 2003 when it first launched in South Korea. It later hit North America in April 2004, and […]
Master X Master

MOBA Master X Master Coming Out June 21st!

by Todd Blackon May 31, 2017
NCSoft has revealed that their MOBA Master X Master is leaving beta and will release on June 21st. The game has been in beta for some time, but has been learning more and more from its time there. Now, NCSoft feels confident in its product and promises that there will be a lot of good […]

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul Scores One Million Players in a Week! Find Out How Well This MMO Is Taking Off Here!

by Jeffrey Harrison January 25, 2016
NCSoft officially announced today (Jan. 25) that just days after the official launch of the new MMORPG, Blade & Soul, in North America and Europe, the game has already reached more than one million players. Blade & Soul received its western release on January 19. The game was previously released in Korea and China and […]