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No Man’s Sky: Dream Game or Never Ending Nightmare?

by TeXon December 22, 2015
No Man’s Sky Hello Games   Sean Murray, who is the managing director of Hello Games, developer of the upcoming adventure exploration survival video game “No Man’s Sky” which is due to exclusively hit the PlayStation 4 in June 2016, says that they are giving players the game of their dreams. But is this true? […]

GTA Online: Holiday Content

by TeXon December 22, 2015
GTA Online Rockstar Games GTA Online is celebrating the holidays in Los Santos with the Festive Surprise 2015, now through January 5th. According to Rockstar Games, the holiday content will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC and will include: New Santa outfits and a new collection of snug Pajamas, masks featuring Mr. and […]

No Man’s Sky: What’s it all about?

by TeXon December 2, 2015
  No Man’s Sky  Hello Games    So by now, it’s pretty clear that No Man’s Sky is a sandbox game of epic proportions. But what is the point of it all? What are you supposed to do? What is the ultimate goal? You are in first person, wandering around an alien landscape. There are […]

No Man’s Sky: Trouble at the Studio?

by TeXon December 2, 2015
No Man’s Sky  A Hello Games Production Trouble in paradise? We hope not   Apparently there are rumors going around that Hello Games, the company responsible for the much anticipated upcoming open universe sandbox game No Man’s Sky, is experiencing some significant problems with the production of the game. This has many eager players worried that the game, which has […]

No Man’s Sky: Discoveries and the Atlas

by TeXon December 2, 2015
No Man’s Sky  A Hello Games production No Man’s Sky, the upcoming open universe sandbox game is vast, to say the least. So vast that you could visit 1 of the 18 quintillion planets per second, and not even discover 1% of them if you played the game non-stop for the rest of the […]

No Man’s Sky and VR

by TeXon December 1, 2015
    With an original release date of December 2015 for No Man’s Sky, many were wondering why the date was pushed back to June 2016. As it turns out, Sony is counting on its VR headset, Project Morpheus,  to be a major draw to No Man’s Sky. Due to problems with the VR release, Sony […]

No Man’s Sky Most Anticipated?

by TeXon November 30, 2015
No Man’s Sky has been nominated for one of the most anticipated games of the year. If you would like to cast a vote, we have provided a link for you to do so below. Happy voting!

Cool info on No Man’s Sky

by TeXon November 30, 2015
    The universe isn’t actually infinite. Computers don’t really do infinity very well. But there are 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets in the universe. If you visit each one for a single second, it will take you 585 billion years to see them all, so it may as well be.   The universe isn’t random. Everything exists […]

Lords of the Fallen

Dark Action RPG Lords of The Fallen Out Now

by mmorpgForumsAdminon October 28, 2014
Lords of the Fallen, a new action RPG from developers Deck 13 Interactive and CI Games, is out now for those that are up to the challenge. The third-person hack-and-slash should appeal to fans of the Dark Souls series, but it has several features to set it apart including an XP multiplier mechanic that adds […]