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Waven’s Second Chapter of the Lance-Dur Season Goes Live

by on November 23, 2023

It’s been announced by Ankama Studios that the second part of Waven’s Lance Dur season is now available. Waven is an MMO that is currently in early access on PC and Mac. The new chapter resets the ladders and adds Belladonna as a daily challenge.

The studio published  a note on its community page stating:

“The specter of Cire Momore is gone, and now it’s time to face off against the one whose magic has bewitched so many unlucky adventurers over the centuries… Like the flower of the same name, Belladonna is as beautiful as she is deadly, and her poison could be the death of you.”

Now that Cire Momore has been challenged and defeated countless times, Belladonna is now taking daily challenges. Use a daily ticket to take her on. The ladders have been reset, but there are still loads of rewards.

There are chests, Wakfu Fragments, and gems to be exchanged for cosmetic items from the in-game shop. Speaking of Wakfu Fragments, all players will receive 500 to exchange for Albuera chests. These will let you beef up your decks and get rings, armbands, spells, and companions.

Notably, you can also renew your battle passes in the shop. Weekly challenges you must complete will earn you 10-50 stars, which you can use to unlock rewards throughout the chapter.

In addition, You can earn all rewards during the duration of this chapter by completing the challenges, including pets, emotes, companion skins, world visual effects, and additional items.

Aside from these activities, this chapter also features all the new content, including the chance to challenge Belladonna until December 19th. The third and final part of the Lance-Dur season, Albuera, will follow in mid-January.

The new chapter of the season means that everyone’s leaderboard ranking has been reset to zero, so those who care about that sort of thing might want to get back into it and start climbing the ladder again.

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