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The Lord of the Rings Online Anniversary Trailer

by on April 20, 2024

Even as Amazon prepares to launch an all-new LOTR MMO, it dons its anniversary hat and suit. The fantasy classic The Lord of the Rings Online celebrates its 17th birthday with an annual event.

This year’s Anniversary Festival in Lord of the Rings Online includes a historical scavenger hunt, festival quests, and even alarming fireworks. Many anniversary rewards are on offer, making this one of the best MMO events of the year.

There are three regions for the anniversary quests, Bree Town Center, The Shire, and Thorin’s Hall Ale House. There will be a free map that will help you find your location before the first quest begins. There is plenty of stuff to do outside the quest areas as well. This means new players can learn how to play the game while veterans are immersed in the experience.

As part of the anniversary event, players can have a look at some of the most significant Middle-earth locations throughout game history. There is a search for the meaning of Middle-earth that is geared towards lower-level players, and a scavenger hunt that is geared towards high-level players.

A Flurry of Fireworks is where you create fireworks for Bree, offering Festivity Tokens for your efforts. Anniversary Tokens are the primary reward for completing quests, which unlock new mounts, pets, cosmetics, housing items, fireworks, maps, and more.

New World developer Amazon Games is planning a new Lord of the Rings MMO. We know very little but Amazon hopes it will last at least ten years. With LOTRO approaching two decades, Amazon certainly has its work cut out for it.

This event runs through Sunday, May 5, and is free to play for new players on Steam. If you get lost, there’s a guide ready to assist. New players should read the guide introduction before playing.

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