Diablo 4 Leaderboard Coming Soon

It has been a great game so far and people are loving it. The new World of Sanctuary is settling with players and even though Blizzard has to be scouring here and there, they are not that bad.  Even so, one can’t help but notice how gamers are low-keyed. They are not as spirited as usual.

Here is a riddle: what is in every MMORPG, was in Diablo 1,2, and 3, and everyone wants to be on it? You guessed right. Leaderboards.

Leaderboards are more than just a list of who is killing more, or a group of savvy game nerds. No, it goes way beyond that. Most people do not realize that these are skill games. They require tactics, war strategies, and a lot of thumbing and mind reflexes.

So, each time a gaming strategists see his name on the board, he knows he is doing something right. His gaming skills are paying off. He gets down on the battery and goes out for more.

In its truest sense, a leaderboard is beneficial to both the studio and the endgamer. While the player uses the board for inspiration, he also gets a kick out of telling his friends and followers where he is leading.

He runs off his mouth in forums, social media, and messages, and his friends come running in to see if it is true, Give him two thumbs up, And then die of jealousy. So, they now start playing too.

That means referrals, more sales, and further reach for the studio. And it seems like Blizzard is listening. In an amazing tweet, Andrew Fletcher confessed that they are aware of the fault, and are working on it. He went even further and hinted at a possible inclusion date for the leaderboard. Somewhere by Season 3.

Now, not everyone dreams about a leaderboard, but it was a part of the former editions of Diablo so every single player will miss it.