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Diablo III - The Eternal Collection

Blizzard “Super-Happy” With Diablo III Sales On Switch

by Todd Blackon May 16, 2019
How Did Diablo III do on Nintendo Switch? Is Blizzard pleased with the results? Ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and the outpouring of support from 3rd party developers, gamers were hoping that Blizzard would join that list. Sure enough, they brought Diablo III to the Switch with some special Nintendo-themed content. And […]
Diablo III - Diablo 3

Diablo III Season 16 Is Now Live

by Todd Blackon January 19, 2019
What’s the latest with Diablo III? Is the next season out yet? While the future of the Diablo franchise is up in the air long-term, the present is still accounted for, as Season 16 of Diablo III’s content has arrived. And Blizzard is happy to tell gamers all about it: “Season 16 brings a brand-new […]

Diablo III - The Eternal Collection

Diablo III – The Eternal Collection Now Has A Switch Bundle

by Todd Blackon November 2, 2018
Any bundles for Diablo III – The Eternal Collection? How much do they cost, and what’s in them? If you’re looking to get a special version of your Nintendo Switch to go along with your purchase of the Diablo III port, then you’re in luck. For Nintendo has made available a special bundle featuring the console […]
Diablo III - The Eternal Collection

Diablo III Eternal Collection Won’t Have Link Gear

by Todd Blackon September 22, 2018
Will there be any Link gear in Diablo III Eternal Collection? If not, why not? Blizzard surprised a lot of people when they announced Diablo III Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch. For this was their first Nintendo title since the Nintendo 64 era with the original StarCraft. Furthermore, they tied the game into the Nintendo universe […]

Diablo III

Blizzard Denies Intentions To Port Diablo III To Nintendo Switch

by Todd Blackon March 2, 2018
What was up with that tweet from Blizzard yesterday? Did they just tease Diablo III for Switch? There’s a very apt saying in the world today that goes, “Don’t believe everything you see.” Or maybe even more apt, “Not everything on the internet is true,” Well, Blizzard fans just found this out the hard way, […]
Diablo III Necromancer

Blizzard Has Stopped Testing Of the Diablo III Necromancer!

by Todd Blackon April 18, 2017
So, it appears that Blizzard has stopped initial testing for the Necromancer class in Diablo III. The testing was done on the PTS (Public Test Server) for those signed up for the Diablo III beta. This was meant to see how the players themselves thought the Necromancer was. Based on early accounts, they weren’t that […]