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Sorceress Class Now Available In Black Desert Mobile

by on January 30, 2020

Is every form of Black Desert getting a new class? The version for PC just got one…is it now the mobile version’s turn? Read on for all the info about the new Sorceress class in Black Desert Mobile…

Armed with her Amulet and Talisman, the Sorceress dominates the battlefield with a combination of melee and ranged attacks that allow her to perform critical hits while maneuvering around the battlefield at blinding speed. Adventurers can employ skills such as Phantom Crash to quickly dash forward and strike their targets, or Wrath of Chaos, a teleporting attack paired with a devastating explosion of dark energy.

The Sorceress isn’t all that’s new. Black Desert Mobile also now has the Enchantment system for weapons and armor. Enchant your equipment using Magical Residue, which you can get from having the Black Spirit absorb certain grades of weapons or armor. Assuming nothing goes wrong, you’ll henceforth get enhanced speed, attack points and defense points from the equipment when you use it.

Pearl Abyss has also announced their first Black Desert Mobile World Championship (subtitled “Ramoness!”), which will commence in February and run through March. If you’d like to participate, gather up your team and make a post on this linked page in the official Black Desert forums. Sign-ups close February 2, so move those feet!

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