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Nightingale Releases Extended Video

by on February 18, 2024

A few days from its Early Access launch, Nightingale has shared an extended video detailing the core gameplay mechanics. The multiplayer “gaslight fantasy” survival game is slated to be released on February 20th, two days earlier than expected.

Its main ‘quirk’ is its Realm Card system, which creates procedurally generated maps, known as “Realms,” with unique perks.

Notably, there are three types of cards that players can use:

  • “Biome” cards, which determine the setting style;
  • “Major” cards, which define the core gameplay priorities, such as “Hunt,” “Herbarium,” and “Gloom;” and
  • “Minor” cards, which insert or alter rewards, resources, and weather.

There are even NPCs in some Realms that offer quests (and rewards). Nelly Bly, a famous American journalist, and Victor Frankenstein are two examples presented in this video.

As soon as you make it out of the character creation screen, you’ll begin learning the game’s fundamental survival systems. The trailer emphasizes the bread-and-butter survival crafting systems, but there are also more advanced crafting systems available as well.

Estates are built according to a player’s gameplay style, starting with a simple survival shelter with plenty of aesthetic and functional expansion options. Estates can be converted into workshops, gardens, and fortresses, with any architectural style enabled.

It emphasizes multiplayer, with up to six players able to hunt, travel Realms, and build Estates together. At the end of the game, players will be able to access The Haven, a social hub offering party formation, missions, and dungeons of high difficulty.

Inflexion Games’ Nightingale launches in Early Access on February 20th. It looks promising. Plus, developers are hard at work making sure it’s in good shape after numerous player tests.

Initially, Nightingale will be available only through Steam and Epic Games Store, with no confirmation yet from the developers if a console version will follow.

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