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Nightingale Looks to Early Access After Stupendous Playtest

by on November 26, 2023

Developer Inflexion Games invited 12,000 players to explore the worlds of Nightingale during its closed playtest. The closed beta test involved gamers known as ‘Realmwalkers’ in November 2023. The playtest revealed several intriguing features of the game, such as character creation and vibrant wildlife.

According to a recent playtest postmortem, one of the standout features of the beta test was the character creator. It offers a range of customization options that keep players engaged for longer Intervals in the game

A total of over 11,500 characters were created with over 2000 hours spent by players in the character creator. The average time spent in the character creator was 10 minutes. Some gamers spent more than 90 minutes customizing their character. To show the depth of customization available, players were allowed to play with the aesthetics of the game. The studio added unique options, such as the ability to add metal teeth to their cartoon characters.

Another interesting item mentioned in the report was the presence of a bug. The team identified a recurring bug that led to aggressive wildlife behavior, particularly from wolves and boars. This issue did not discourage players from engaging these beasts. Over 60,000 wolves and boars were eliminated by players.

During these encounters, the most commonly used weapon was the wooden axe. This indicates that players chose something easily accessible during their gameplay. This and more details were supported by screenshots.

The screenshots shared by Inflexion went beyond the gameplay mechanics and character customization. It exposed some of the intricate creations of players. These range from deserts and forests to unique structures created using in-game material.

Nightingale’s ability to build across different realms is one of its greatest selling points. Users remain impressed by the elegance of the game and are eagerly anticipating the game’s Early Access release. The reality is not far off, set for February 2024.

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