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Lost Ark Purges Real-Money Traders

by on February 20, 2024

Last week, Amazon Game Studios wrested a mighty banhammer from its arsenal and swung it hard at real-money traders in Lost Ark. Though it declined to provide specifics, the studio indicated that the “major ban wave” specifically targeted gold-trading accounts.

In order to clarify misconceptions about their anti-bot and anti-RMT measures, Amazon also shared their general policies regarding real money trading. According to the studio, punishments are based on the severity of the offense and the number of previous violations.

There are a variety of punishments, ranging from temporary suspensions to permanent bans. Illegally acquired gold is taken away from real-money traders. If the gold cannot be taken away, harsher punishments will be administered.

As RMT gold is tracked between accounts, washing it through secondary accounts won’t save you from punishment either. Furthermore, every account involved in the laundering chain will be penalized.

As the team clarified, real money investment will not affect the severity of the punishment. It is interesting to note that some players who heavily invested in the game were caught in the latest ban wave.

“We know that RMT is a top player concern and negatively impacts the in-game economy for all players,” says Amazon. “While we can’t always share a look into our plans, we are persistently combating bots and RMT.”

Since its update lasy month, Lost Ark has been swamped with players who spend hours playing the game.The January Update unveils the new Inferno mode of Brelshaza, adding an extra level of challenge. The enchanting Lai Lai Island beckons adventurers with a multitude of new quests, mysteries, and rewards.

The new release introduced a new base build with several quality of life updates aimed at improving gameplay experience. These updates included various improvements and optimizations to ensure a smoother, more enjoyable journey through Arkesia.

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