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Lost Ark Jump-Start Letter

by on September 25, 2023

Playstation has published the Jump-Start letter from the Lost Ark video game. The letter served to thank players and introduce gifts.

The letter started out by thanking players for their support and expressing the deep gratitude that the studio shared. The post said:

”….extremely thankful and humbled by the enthusiasm and excitement we’ve seen from players around the world. In-game, we’ve seen new and veteran players band together to learn raids, discover the hidden stories and challenges woven into the fabric of Arkesia, and form new friendships on existing Jump-Start Servers. To thank players, we’ve worked with Smilegate RPG to prepare a gift for all the inhabitants of Arkesia in the West.”

The letter continued with an extensive list of gifts that will be sent to players on September 25. Here are some items

Gratitude Gift I

  • Luke Atdis / Ovahere Skin Selection Chest x1

  • Luke Atdis Pet x1

  • Legendary Card Selection Pack x1

  • Wishful Amulet Chest x2

  • Sage Powder x10

  • Pheon x100

  • Collective Battle Item Chest x2

Gratitude Gift II – Silvery Honor Pack

  • Ancient Platinum Coin x30

  • Honor Shard Pouch Chest x6

In addition to the gifts, the Studio went on to share news and updates on the company plans and game advancement. The news centered mainly on server unification with an expected completion date within three months.

Furthermore, the company provided an in-depth explanation of what exactly would be ‘server reconnection’. It stated:

”When Jump-Start Servers are reconnected to the rest of the region, they will function like any other server in that region, with the Auction House, Marketplace, PvE Matchmaking, and Party-Finder all available to play and interact with other players in the same region.”

Moreover, the letter closed with a crowning promise to players.” We’re excited to announce that the overhaul to Chaos Gates will arrive in October alongside the continent of Pleccia, the Trial Caliligos Guardian Raid, and more!”

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