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Homecoming Adds First Official Update

by on February 22, 2024

Since City of Heroes shut down in 2012, Homecoming’s Issue 27, Page 7 is the first official update for the game since it came back online. NCsoft gave the Homecoming team the license to operate City of Heroes in January of this year.

After weeks of beta testing following the team’s acquisition of the license, the update is now playable for everyone.

Issue 27: Second Chances includes the conclusion of Piecemeal’s Personal Story. Striga Isle is upgraded to a co-op zone with a new villain and rogue storylines. Among the highlights of the update are the expansion of the Vanguard base in the Rikti War Zone, as well as the addition of Advanced Mode to Lady Grey’s Task Force, one of the game’s most popular modes.

Homecoming has made improvements to the new player experience, introduced new Arsenal Control and Arsenal Assault powersets, added power customization for Villain Epic Archetypes, and revamped the Council and Circle of Thorns enemies.

The full update is located here. 

The post also introduced a badge-checking system that will make ranks more visible. Here is a snippet from the web post.

New Badge Checks

  • New category of bonuses added to Task Forces that are always enabled by default. This automatically checks if the team meets any composition criteria to reward the earned badge.
  • Team badges function by checking team members as they enter the mission, if a player does not enter any missions they are not counted for the check.
    • Teams that meet the criteria described are automatically granted the badge upon the content’s completion.
    • Qualifying teams for these badges will be notified by a small icon appearing near their challenge status icons.
      • challengeStat_atdiversity_h.png.a401659a34e52f53f99d6a4074d9f8f9.png / challengeStat_atdiversity_v.png.00692b99132c2114350f74b75f59ba4a.png Role Diversity – Complete the content on a team with Archetypes that fulfill all five roles.
      • challengeStat_atduplication.png.75b1a54a37edc6bc32c2ced9b5fc128f.png Archetype Duplication – Complete the content with a team of 4 or more using only the same Archetype.
  • This feature is only for associated badges and does not change any other rewards granted by the content
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