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Black Desert Online Brings Back Turkey Hunt

by on November 24, 2023

Thanksgiving has become an international holiday, especially for its Black Friday discounts. Most MMOs have found ways to get players excited and so did Black Desert Online. The MMORPG has brought back its famous Thanksgiving Hunt which went live yesterday. This is an old-school turkey hunting game that rewards players with a variety of rewards after killing lots and lots of turkeys.

During the launch of the Thanksgiving event, Pearl Abyss also announced the next update coming to the PC version of the fantasy MMORPG. The videogame, called Ulutika; is getting a new update that will introduce a new high-level zone dubbed Darkseeker’s Retreat.

“Located in the southern region of Ulukita, the new zone builds on the previous zones ‘The City of the Dead’ and the ‘Tungrad Ruins,’” the developers teased. “The zone’s central story revolves around the young Prince Bareeds III of Mediah, whom Adventurers previously encountered living under unfortunate circumstances back in 2015! Players will be prompted to investigate the feud between the Prince and the Premier and will experience fierce fighting and an end-boss, too.”

Throughout the new zone, players will be able to obtain the materials needed to craft Ator’s Shoes. This is one of the highest-quality armor pieces available in the game. Other important pieces of armor include Labreska’s Helmet, Fallen God’s Armor, and Dahn’s Gloves.

Players will earn special powers and rank higher upon completing the armor. Finding the material and crafting the armory is one of the central quests of the new update.

In addition, the new content, Ulutika, will be available on November 28, 2023. In the meantime, players have some turkey business to take care of.  So better be off to hunting while we await the update. Just five days away.

There will also be a special Black Friday sale in the Pearl Abyss Cash Shop this weekend. Players will find great discounts and goodies.

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