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Albion Online to Roll Out Next Huge Update

by on February 28, 2024

The advent of Crystal Raiders kicked off Albion’s new update cycle with Territory Raids, a completely rewritten Conqueror’s Challenge, and a competition for Crystal Weapons. Now it’s time for the next big update: Foundations.

Thanks to Guild Seasons, Crystal Raiders has seen the Outlands become more active with a broad range of guilds. Territory Raiding can be difficult for smaller guilds to defend. Thus the Foundations update will introduce Fortifications as a new territory feature.

Here are some details about the upcoming release as posted on the Albion Online website.

  • Fortified walls and gates: Guilds can build and improve fortified walls and gates in territories to hold attackers at bay
  • Higher tiers of Fortifications will be harder to break down, allowing more time for the defenders to rally their forces
  • Territory Guards will also be reworked and will be able to be upgraded to unlock new abilities

In addition, the post created a list of benefits that players will have with the new Fortifications addition. Some of these are clear, but others are yet to be seen.

  • Enhanced Stone Economy: As upgrading Fortifications will require stone, this will catalyze Albion’s stone economy
  • Defenders will have to make strategic choices when upgrading Fortifications
    • It won’t be possible to upgrade an entire Fortification in one go
    • Defenses will reset after a successful invasion and at the end of a Guild Season
  • These choices will then guide attackers’ tactics, and bring greater variety to territory battles and raids
  • This system will be further expanded in the future with more choices for both attackers and defenders

New Daily Incentives

To add a further incentive for guilds to strengthen their territory defenses, their value will be increased:

  • Territories will give Daily Reward Chests
    • The contents of these chests will increase based on player activity in the territory and surrounding regions
  • This will encourage guilds to be active in and around their territories
  • It will also discourage guilds from attacking players doing PvE activities near their territories
    • Guilds may even look to protect such players from potential attackers
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