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Albion Online Europe Goes Live

by on April 11, 2024

Anyone can take part in the Albion Europe Open Beta, which runs until April 23. During the beta, players can earn the new Duelist vanity set, play on a condensed version of Albion with buffed progress, and test the new server before its launch.

During the Beta Challenge, you can unlock one of the newest vanity sets, the Duelist. The Duelist is not available in any store but once unlocked can be used anywhere or on any server.

The studio promises exceptional achievements goals and rewards for players.


”Performing open-world activities will grant players challenge points, which you can use to unlock each of the vanity items. The milestones for each item are as follows:

  • 25,000 points: Duelist’s Boots
  • 50,000 points: Duelist’s Cape
  • 75,000 points: Duelist’s Hat
  • 100,000 points: Duelist’s Armor
  • 100,000 points and Founder Status: Duelist’s Lynx”

Founder Pack owners earn points three times faster and are eligible to earn the matching Duelist’s Lynx Swiftclaw skin. Choose a Founder Pack midway through and your Beta Challenge points will be tripled.

There is also a new set of extra beta points and benefits that will be awarded for progress advance..

”Players in the Albion Europe Beta receive a number of additional benefits to help them progress quickly through the stages of the game. These are:

  • Premium status for the whole beta
  • 2000 Learning Points
  • +100% Fame from gathering, farming, and PvE
  • +200% Resources from gathering and fishing
  • +200% Silver from mobs
  • Resource weight reduced by 66%”

It has a reduced scope, giving it a unique, condensed version of Albion – the Royal Continent contains only the Highlands and Steppes biomes, the city of Caerleon, and a reduced Outlands. The Gold Market and in-game store will not be available in the beta.

Open Beta runs until 10 UTC on April 23, an opportunity to experience and earn your Duelist vanity set. With a Founder Pack, you can earn the Duelist rank and the Duelist’s Lynx mount skin faster, plus vanity items such as the Pegasus skin.

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